J1 Visa Insurance FAQs

Navigating the process, requirements and restrictions of J1 visa insurance doesn't have to be stressful. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions related to J1 and J2 visa health insurance plans. For more information visit our J1 visa insurance page or read about the J1 health insurance requirements.

Q. Do the insurance plans on the VisitorsCoverage website cover specific requirements for J1 visa holders?

Most of the insurance plans offered by VisitorsCoverage meet or exceed most of the immigration health insurance requirements for J1 visa holders. For a more comprehensive list of plans please visit J1 Visa Insurance plans page.

Q. Why should I buy health insurance as a J1 visa holder?

It is mandatory for a J1 visa holder to have health insurance with specific requirements. Your immigration process will not be completed without this.

Q. Can I purchase VisitorsCoverage insurance for my J1 visa from my home country?

Yes. You can purchase the J1 visa health insurance online, with a valid credit or debit card.

Q. What documents do I need to provide to purchase my J1 visa insurance?

To purchase health insurance from visitorscoverage.com, you will need the J1 holder's passport number and date of birth, and a valid debit or credit card.

Q.Do I need to provide any medical documents to the insurance company before purchasing the insurance?

No. You do not have to provide any medical documents to purchase a health insurance plan.

Q.How long does it take to get medical insurance for J1 visa holders?

Purchasing insurance online on VisitorsCoverage is easy. Your coverage can start as early as the next day of your application.

Q.What is the minimum number of days I can purchase an insurance plan for my J1 visa requirement?

The minimum number of days you can purchase the insurance plans offered on VisitorsCoverage is 5 days.

Q. Can I extend my J1 health insurance coverage if my stay in the USA is extended?

Yes, most of the plans offered are extendable or renewable. However there is a renewal charge every time you renew a policy.

Q. If my program get cancelled for some reason, can I cancel my J1 visa health insurance and get a refund?

Yes. Most of the medical insurance plans for J1 visa are cancelable and refundable. A cancellation fee applies if you cancel after start date.

Q. Are the insurance plans on VisitorsCoverage A.M. Best Rated?

All the health insurance plans offered are rated by the A.M. Best Rating.

Q. Can I purchase health insurance with my credit card for my friend coming on a J1 visa?

Yes you can purchase health insurance for someone else, with your valid credit card. You will need their passport number and correct date of birth.

Q. Can I get health insurance for my dependents on J2 visa?

Yes. You can purchase health insurance for your dependents.

Q. Where can I get specific answers related to my J1 visa insurance?

To get specific answers to your questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us on our toll free number: 1-866-384-9104 or email us: support@visitorscoverage.com