Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance

Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance

Kidnapping & Ransom insurance, sometimes known as K&R insurance, is designed for business employees traveling abroad to high-risk, kidnap-prone regions of the world. Executives and high-profile employees are common targets among kidnappers, who may request large sums of money in exchange for their victim's safety. Kidnapping & Ransom insurance protects businesses against the financial losses that could occur from extortion and ransom demands in the case that an employee is kidnapped abroad. 

Kidnappings and hijackings can come with substantial ransom requests in addition to the costs of hiring investigators, negotiators, attorneys, and other services. K&R insurance covers these expenses as well as the ransom reimbursement, so corporations aren't forced to potentially lose millions of dollars to have their employees returned safely. Benefits include ransom reimbursement, loss of ransom during delivery, private negotiator expenses, travel expenses, psychiatric expenses and more. 

Kidnap insurance policies are available with benefits to protect corporate or personal assets. In the event of a kidnapping, the policy owner must front the ransom amount to the kidnapper and submit a claim for reimbursement later. Corporations should not overlook their employees' risk of a potential kidnapping when traveling to dangerous areas. Kidnapping & Ransom insurance could save them financial loss and be integral to their employee's well-being.

Who Needs Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance?

  • People traveling to kidnap-prone regions of the world
  • High-profile executives, employees, and families

Why Do You Need Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance?

  • Provides reimbursement for high ransoms
  • Negotiates with kidnappers
  • Determines how to set up a meeting and how to deliver the ransom
  • Covers expenses related to kidnapping, extortion, detention, and hijacking

How Do You Buy Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance?

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If you need more information or help selecting a Kidnapping & Ransom travel insurance plan, contact our Customer Success Team.