CoverAmerica-GoldⓇ, a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan offered by VisitorsCoverage has become a favorite plan for U.S. travelers since its launch three years ago. During that time, we have been consistently improving the plan based on the feedback and changing needs of our travelers.

An updated version of CoverAmerica-Gold has a new underwriter and a number of new and improved features. CoverAmerica-Gold is better than ever before and will remain one of the best plans for travelers visiting North and South America.

Underwritten by an A+ rated carrier, CoverAmerica-Gold offers comprehensive medical benefits for U.S. visitors at a competitive rate and includes many benefits that cannot be found on any other plan for U.S. visitors. This plan is the first in the travel insurance industry to feature a benefit for public health emergency screenings, created with COVID-19 in mind.

Some of CoverAmerica-Gold's salient features include:

  • COVID-19 Coverage: New CoverAmerica-Gold policies now cover COVID-19 like any other new illness. Policies purchased for a duration of 30 days or more will automatically include coverage for medical expenses due to COVID-19 if the disease is contracted after the policy effective date.
  • Indemnity Allowance: If you must quarantine at your destination due to COVID-19, a limited allowance is available with proof of quarantine mandate from a physician or government authority.
  • Public Health Emergency Screening Coverage: In the event of a public health emergency, like the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, this benefit will allow you to get tested for the disease and cover your costs up to $150.
  • No Cancelation Fees: This is the only plan of its kind that offers this benefit. You can cancel your plan before the coverage start date, you will be refunded your money and you will never be charged a cancelation fee for CoverAmerica-Gold.
  • Providers (PPO) network within the U.S.: Coverage is provided by the highly-trusted United Healthcare Network.
  • 100% Coverage: Medical expenses up to the chosen policy limit within PPO network
  • Border entry protection: If you are unexpectedly turned away at the border to your destination country, this is the first plan that offers this benefit.
  • Missed connection coverage: For international flights, you can be covered if there are unexpected changes or you miss your connecting flight. This is the only plan that offers this benefit.
  • Emergency Eye Care: Emergency eye checkup and reimbursement for eyeglasses if they are unexpectedly broken during your trip.
  • Legal expenses and Attorney fees: Financial fees for personal liability court cases can be covered.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions: For travelers under the age of 70, this plan can cover medical costs associated with an unexpected and acute onset of a condition you had prior to your travels.

Does this sound like the right insurance policy for you or your loved ones? Find out more about CoverAmerica-Gold, what it covers and all the exciting enhancements to this plan.

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