Why CoverAmerica-Gold is the Best Insurance for U.S. Visitors

Why CoverAmerica-Gold is the Best Insurance for U.S. Visitors

Thinking about a trip to America? As you daydream about all the iconic landmarks you'll see, from the Hollywood sign to the Empire State Building, one thing you might not be thinking about is travel insurance. But considering that anything can happen overseas, paying a small fee for trip and travel medical insurance can not only protect your financial investment, but it can also save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Visitors insurance is relatively inexpensive, and the value can greatly surpass the cost in the event of an unexpected injury or illness.

CoverAmerica-Gold, popularly referred to as CAG insurance, is a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan. It's offered by VisitorsCoverage and has been a trusted plan for travelers to the U.S. since its launch. We update this plan regularly to keep up with the changing needs of travelers visiting North and South America. 

CoverAmerica-Gold Benefits

This updated version of CoverAmerica-Gold has a new A+-rated underwriter and a number of improved features. CoverAmerica-Gold is better than ever. 

The plan offers comprehensive medical benefits for U.S. visitors at a competitive rate and includes many benefits that can't be found on any other plan for U.S. visitors. This plan was the first in the travel insurance industry to feature a benefit for Covid screenings and other public health emergencies. And now you can get coverage for influenza vaccinations. CoverAmerica-Gold's top features include:

  • Bestseller comprehensive coverage plan for U.S. Visitors
  • Rated "A" plan
  • No renewal or extension fees
  • No cancellation fee
  • Most popular and widely accepted United Healthcare PPO Network
  • Covers 100% in PPO network with cashless payment.
  • COVID-19/Coronavirus covered as any other covered medical condition
  • COVID-19 Screening benefit.
  • Covid quarantine benefit.
  • Covers cruise, theme parks and trips to Mexico, Bahamas, and Canada

Does this sound like the best insurance policy for you or your loved ones? Find out more about CoverAmerica-Gold's newest enhancements

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