Medical Insurance for H1 Visa Holders

As a non-US Citizen with a temporary visa such as the H visa, you qualify for travel medical insurance or visitors insurance. Depending on the length of your stay, there are two possibilities - Whether you need for a temporary, short-term or you need it for long term.

For Short-Term or Temporary Visits:

Purchasing visitor insurance is a smart choice when you are entering the USA for the first time or need temporary medical coverage for your travel. The insurance will be useful for your international travel and for initial stays before settling in the US.

For Long-Term Stay:

If you are going to stay in the US on a long-term basis, you may want to acquire a long-term, domestic health insurance policy. For this you may want to check with your employer to see if the company provides health benefits that you are eligible for. If your employer does not provide health benefits, you may consider purchasing an individual health insurance policy online either from your resident state's marketplace or directly from a private health insurance company.

What is the Difference Between Visitor Insurance and Long-Term Domestic Insurance?

Visitor insurance is a short-term temporary insurance meant for short durations of travel and does not provide broad coverage as US domestic health insurance provides. Since visitor insurance is for temporary visitors, it does not meet PCPIA or ObamaCare requirements. Please refer to article: ObamaCare basics
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Insurance for Dependent Visa Holders Such as H4 Visa or L2 Visa Family Members

US Visa holders with H4 visas, L2 visas, etc, who are the dependent family members of the primary visa holders such as H visa or L visa, qualify for visitors insurance policy; if they are coming to make a short visit to the US or entering the country for the first time.

However if they plan to stay in the US on a long-term basis, they should consider enrolling into a standard, long-term, domestic health insurance policy. They can either add themselves onto the primary insurance holder's insurance policy OR buy a separate individual and family health insurance policy from a private insurer. If the primary insurance holder has health benefits through an employer, he/she should find out how to add dependent family members on the policy. Remember--depending on the employer's HR policies, you may be responsible for your family member's insurance premium.

It is important to understand that visitor insurance or any other temporary insurance does not provide coverage for preventative care, maternity, etc. Depending on your long-term needs, you must acquire a suitable long-term insurance in a timely manner in order to avoid any major financial liabilities due to lack of proper insurance coverage.

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