Visitors Medical Insurance

Visitors Medical Insurance is a short-term, temporary travel medical insurance policy that provides health, injury and travel emergency coverage to travelers during local trips or stays abroad. Traveling without good visitors health insurance can be risky. Sudden medical emergencies can be costly and emotionally trying. Travel insurance can keep you protected and give you peace of mind.

It's especially important to have a good international medical insurance policy if you're traveling to a country like the U.S. where healthcare costs are extremely high and a simple doctor's visit can cost hundreds of dollars. Purchasing medical insurance for the U.S. will give you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your trip.

Here's what's generally covered by a visitors medical insurance policy.

What does Visitors Medical Insurance cover?

  • icon-stethoscope-heartrate

    Any new sickness or illness

  • icon-helicoptor

    Accidents and injuries

  • icon-helicoptor

    Medical evacuations

  • icon-tombstone

    Return of mortal remains in the event of death

What's not covered by visitors medical insurance?

  • icon-medical-clipboard

    Pre-existing medical conditions and problems related to existing medical situations

  • icon-shot-needle

    Preventative care; routine medical checkups, physical exams, immunization shots, etc.

  • icon-onsie

    Maternity, pregnancy and childbirth

  • icon-tooth

    Major dental problems

  • icon-glasses

    Vision checkups, eyeglasses and related treatments

Please review each plan carefully for details and a complete list of exclusions before you purchase a plan.

Visitors Medical Insurance from the U.S.

If you're visiting the U.S., considering buying travel insurance based in the United States. A U.S.-based travel medical insurance will be recognized by more hospitals and doctors in the U.S. than internationally-based policies.

Some of the benefits of buying policies from a U.S.-based insurance company include convenience, 24/7 customer support, peace of mind and a hassle-free claims process.

Major U.S. based health insurance companies (including United Health Care, MetLife Insurance, Aetna Insurance, Kaiser Insurance, BlueCross Insurance, BlueShield Insurance and AAA Insurance) do not offer travel or visitor insurance for foreign visitors coming to America. Instead, visitor medical insurance is offered by specialty insurance companies.

Here is a list of some of the best U.S.-based Visitor Medical Insurance Plans.

Travel Insurance from Your Home Country

There are several non-U.S. companies that provide Travel Medical Insurance. A non-U.S. visitor insurance policy may not provide the same level of coverage as a U.S.-based insurance company. There are several differences in insurance purchased from a home country vs. a U.S.-based insurance provider. Also, keep in mind that travel insurance is different from trip insurance. Travel insurance generally provides medical coverage, while trip insurance may offer protection for cancelled flights, etc.

If you choose a plan from a company not based in the United States, it may not be accepted by many hospitals and doctors in the U.S. Then, when you need to claim your expenses, you may face a lot of paperwork, correspondence, and frustrating follow-ups.

How does Visitors Medical Insurance Work?

Depending on the type of plan, a policy can either be a limited coverage plan or comprehensive visitor coverage insurance plan. A comprehensive coverage policy will provide higher benefits and greater coverage.

Learn how to use Visitor Insurance.

How Do I Make a Travel Insurance Claim?

Your insurance provider may require you to fill out claim forms and proofs of expenditure, which include copies of the hospital and doctors reports, and all original bills.

Find out about the travel insurance claim process.

Why buy visitors medical insurance policy online?

  • Easy and quick
  • Hassle free
  • No paper work, faxes or membership requirements
  • No physical or medical exams required
  • ID cards available instantly
  • Coverage can start immediately or whenever requested
  • Easy renewal process

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