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Destination Wedding / Honeymoon Travel

Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Wedding season is here! While some couples are planning to exchange vows close to home, others are busy prepping, booking and scheduling for their destination weddings. If you and your special someone have dreams of traveling to a secluded island or flying off to Paris to say I do, here are some tips to keep you and your wedding guests happy and safe. 

Finalize Your Wedding Vendor Checklist Early

Whether youre dealing with overseas caterers, venue owners, or florists, make sure youre all on the same page before you travel. By the time youre on the plane, you want to be able to relax and de-stress. Confirming everything before you depart will give you peace of mind and allow you to be in the moment as your big day approaches.  

Make Sure You Meet Your Destinations Entry Requirements

As weve all seen in the last two years, country restrictions can change day by day. Make sure youve researched your destination countrys restrictions regarding Covid, passports, travel insurance, and beyond. Its a good idea to let your wedding party know what the restrictions are right away. If they need to update their passport, or get a Covid vaccine, or purchase travel medical insurance to satisfy the countrys entry requirements, the more time you can give, the better chance they have of making all the arrangements in time for your big day.

Give Your Guests Plenty of Time to Make Travel Arrangements

Its no secret, destination weddings are as expensive as they are special. Send out your invitations early and give your guests as much time as possible to clear their schedules and make travel insurance. This also gives them more time to think about and research their travel safety options. 

Set Clear Expectations For Travel & Lodging

When it comes to destination weddings, its generally assumed that the burden of paying for flights and hotels falls on the wedding guests. But be sure theyre aware of this before they RSVP. If you already booked a block of hotel rooms for your guests, let them know as soon as possible. 

Include Your Wedding and other Essential Items In Your Carry-On

Though trip insurance may cover expenses related to the loss, damage or delay of these precious items, you might want to consider carrying them with you. Store your dress in a garment bag and count that as your carry-on for the flight. 

Opt for Trip Insurance

For Americans, traveling to foreign countries takes a lot of time, coordination and money. For couples planning destination weddings, the stress can be doubled. Not only are you busy planning all the details of your special day, but also youre dealing with the logistics of booking flights and hotels, making arrangements in advance with foreign venues and caterers. When youre juggling so many unknowns, trip insurance can help keep your financial investment safe.  

If youre traveling with rings or expensive wedding gifts

Whether youre the Best Man in charge of the all-important wedding bands, a bride-to-be toting her special gown in a garment bag, or a guest traveling with gifts for the happy couple, trip insurance can cover costs related to the loss, damage or delay of these special items. If you feel apprehensive about traveling with such priceless items, rest assured, buying trip insurance can certainly ease your mind.  

If the Wedding Is called off last minute

No one likes to think about this as theyre planning their weddings but if plans go awry you, your wedding party, and your guests will all be glad you have trip insurance. 

If you end up having to cancel your trip or certain points on your itinerary, trip insurance with a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) can help you recoup certain prepaid expenses like venue and hotel deposits. Trip insurance can also safeguard your expenses if you missed your flight or, potentially, if your flight gets canceled.

If the wedding festivities are canceled when youve already reached the destination, a trip insurance plan with Interruption For Any Reason (IFAR) coverage can help. This coverage allows you to interrupt your plans for any reason and recoup financial losses associated with cutting your trip short. These expenses could include reimbursement for unused lodging, or event tickets. 

If theres more than just rain on your wedding day

If youre holding your wedding abroad, make sure you follow and are prepared for the weather. Make sure you know what to expect. For instance,  hurricane season in the Caribbean starts in June, which is a peak time for destination weddings. Standard trip insurance will reimburse you for certain prepaid travel expenses  if your trip is canceled due to severe weather.  

If you need medical care abroad

When youre planning what should be one of the most amazing days of your life, you dont want to think about things going wrong. Thats totally understandable; the anxiety of the what-ifs is stressful.  But one of the best ways to ensure that the unexpected doesnt upend your big day, is to consider travel medical insurance. When youre traveling to a foreign country, your domestic healthcare no longer applies. For U.S. citizens, both trip insurance and travel medical insurance keeps you financially protected and provides the care you need if you contract an illness like Covid, or suffer an injury. For non-U.S. citizens, only travel medical insurance will provide this coverage. To find out more about what travel medical insurance can do for you, click here.    

A wedding is a time for friends and family to come together to celebrate. One of the best ways to keep the occasion happy and stress free is to do what you can to keep you and your guests safe. Purchasing travel insurance for yourself and your family and encouraging your guests to do the same is just one of the many ways you can help keep your destination wedding safe and memorable for all the right reasons.  

If you have any questions about travel insurance and need assistance, please dont hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts. 

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