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Avoid the Chaos with Travel Tips from Flight Attendants

Avoid the Chaos with Travel Tips from Flight Attendants

If you’ve ever put in your earbuds and turned on music to drown out a flight attendant explaining where the exits are, you may want to pause and read this list of timely tips to learn more about improving your summer travel experience. For tips on how to make the most of your flight and to learn what the travel mess this summer means for you, look no further than these pros’ travel tips.

Packing Tips for Travel From the Pros

Seasoned travelers and flight attendants recommend packing cubes because they help to organize clothes and keep them firmly in place. With packing cubes, you can separate clothes by day, keeping the clothes you aren’t planning to wear that day neatly folded and ready for action! They can also be used for larger toiletries such as shampoo or other items that are bulky and don’t need to be packed in your carry-on luggage.

Speaking of carry-on luggage, packing strategically can save you time and money should your checked luggage get lost or stolen. An extra pair of shoes, necessary toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, personal items, a water bottle, and medications can at least keep you going for a few days.

With your carry-on, you are also allowed one personal bag. Choose a bag that you can tuck your purse inside. Pack a small blanket or shawl if you are one to get cold, or games and activities for kids if they’re traveling with you. Remember to bring extra formula and diapers for infants. Some airlines also allow you to bring extra snacks for kids. 

For ease of moving and lifting, heavier and bulkier items should be packed at the bottom toward the wheels, while leaving space at the top for lighter items. Don’t be that person who overstuffs and struggles to close their carry-ons. Larger bags can take up valuable space in the overhead compartments, and can be difficult to lift and store without risking injury to yourself or others. 

Extra tip: Unless you’re flying first class, garment bags will be folded and you’ll end up with wrinkly clothing, so it’s best to pack those items in your suitcase.

Travel Tips From the Pros for Avoiding the Summer Chaos 

This summer is fraught with delays, staff and pilot shortages, cancellations, missed connections and longer layovers leading to a shortage of patience. As frequent and expert travelers have dealt with all these issues, they have shared some of their tips to help those who may have important events to attend and can’t afford the delays.

  • Many flight attendants suggest that if you can drive to your destination in 7 hours or less, do that!
  • The best way to stay on top of things is downloading and using the app of the particular airline you are flying.
  • Plan your flight departures and arrivals in harmony with weather conditions.
  • Fly out a day earlier than you need to, if possible.
  • When finalizing any travel plans, if you have the opportunity to add extra time to layovers between flights, do so.
  • Be aware that if your flight is delayed, the crew may ‘time out’ and your flight may be canceled.

Currently, there is a shortage of airline staff and crews, many of which are overworked. Ground crews are responsible for parking the planes, driving the jetways, loading and unloading bags, and more. Pilots are required to have at least 8 hours of sleep, and ticket scanners and counter agents also have set hours. Once they reach their maximum hours, they cannot continue. So if your flight has been delayed for an hour, but the crew has met their hours, and there is no backup crew, you’re essentially out of luck. 

Extra tip: Even flight attendants recommend purchasing travel insurance. When the unexpected happens, knowing that you are covered can help relieve some of the stress of the situation and can alleviate some of the unexpected costs you may acquire. Sometimes stress can cause medical emergencies, and having coverage that helps with medical expenses can be a huge relief.

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