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Frequently Asked Questions About International Student Health Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About International Student Health Insurance

Journeying to the United States from abroad to begin your educational adventure is an exciting venture. Aside from packing your bags and getting your school schedule in order, one thing to consider is health insurance.

Healthcare in the United States is extremely expensive, especially for uninsured out-of-pocket medical care. This is why health insurance for international students is so important.

When deciding on which international student health insurance plan to choose from, there are crucial aspects to consider, including whether or not you want to opt for your school’s offered health insurance plan or choose one independently.

Is Health Insurance Required for International Students?

Health insurance is required for certain students coming to study in the United States. Requirements will depend upon the visa you hold and the school you are attending. However, it is required for most international students, and highly recommended for all.

Should You Get Health Insurance Through Your School?

Some universities and colleges may offer a student health insurance plan option for international students upon enrollment. However, some may not – it’s best to check with your school to understand your options for health insurance.

If your school does offer an international student health insurance plan, you may want to consider doing your research, as you can always secure a plan outside of your school and submit a waiver for insurance along with proof of your outside insurance plan.

School-sponsored student health insurance plans typically only have one option for coverage. Purchasing a plan outside of your university allows you to have much more flexibility in plans and allows you to choose a policy that offers the coverage you desire.

When to Get International Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance proof is typically required to be shown before the start of your program.

If purchasing a plan through a provider rather than through your university, typically, you will submit a waiver and proof of insurance coverage for the offered health plan through your university after you pay your school dues.

After your waiver and proof of insurance is submitted, typically your school will reimburse you for any funds related to prepaying for student health insurance through your school.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Student Health Insurance


Can you get international student health insurance after you arrive in the United States?

Yes, you can purchase an international student health insurance plan after your arrival, as long as you send proof of your insurance to your school within their deadline.


What is the best health insurance for international students?

The best health insurance plan for international students will depend on your individual needs. VisitorsCoverage offers a variety of student health insurance plans designed for international students that offer excellent coverage and benefits.


Is health insurance mandatory for international students in US?

Many universities in the United States will mandate that international students have a health insurance plan. Even if your college does not require international student health insurance, it is still highly recommended considering the high costs of medical care in the U.S.


How much is student health insurance in the US?

Student health insurance in the US will vary in cost, depending on the policy you choose. If you choose to purchase a plan outside of your university, costs can range from $30 to $150 per month on average.


What does international student health insurance cover?

Benefits and coverage will depend upon your plan. However, most international student health insurance plans will cover preventative care, emergency medical care, and other medical costs such as mental health treatment and pregnancy.


Where can international student health insurance be purchased?

International students can purchase health insurance online through insurance marketplaces like VisitorsCoverage.


Is school-sponsored international student health insurance cheaper than private?

Each university’s offered plan may be different, so prices will vary. However, purchasing your own international student health insurance can give you more flexibility when it comes to finding a policy that fits your budget.