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Safer Places for Travel during Covid Pandemic in 2021

Safer Places for Travel during Covid Pandemic in 2021

2020 has put us all through the wringer. After months of remote work, limited travel and being stuck inside, many are excited to travel. With a vaccine on the horizon, now is the time to find great deals on trips in the coming year.


While we expect a vaccine to make travel to most places safe by the end of 2021, some countries and destinations are safer than others at this time. These destinations are taking extra precautions so that they can open to visitors as soon as possible by imposing new entry requirements and standards for businesses and hotels during the pandemic.


If you plan your trip, you can get travel insurance that covers COVID-19 to protect yourself and your investment even if you become ill or are unable to travel as planned.

The Grand Canyon, United States

If you can’t wait to get out into wide open spaces again, the Grand Canyon is the ultimate destination. Scream your frustrations from 2020 into the enormous canyon or take a guided trek down into the valley. If you’re already in the U.S., you can travel here and stay in the national park with additional precautions. 


If you are not already in the U.S., you may be able to travel here soon, but it’s a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance if you visit the U.S. as healthcare costs can be quite high.


Cuzco, Peru

The gateway to Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru is full of history and great places to learn about South America. Enjoy Incan engineering, colorful textiles and incredible culture. Although Latin America was hit hard by COVID-19, the area around Cuzco has had comparatively few deaths from the virus.


A good travel medical insurance plan can ensure coverage if you do contract COVID-19 and can help you travel with peace of mind.



If you’ve got cabin fever and just want some wide-open spaces, the landscapes of Kenya might be just what you need. With rigorous COVID-19 testing already in place, Kenya is the perfect destination for social-distancing adventurers.


The African continent in general has had lower community spread of COVID-19, and visiting now can be a fun, safer way to see the world in new and unexpected ways.


Hawaii, United States

Lounging on a warm beach sounds ideal after months at home. Hawaii offers tropical breezes, beautiful vistas and the welcoming spirit of aloha that defines these islands in the South Pacific. U.S. citizens can visit Hawaii already, as it has one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the country. 


New Zealand

As both a one-of-a-kind natural habitat and one of the places with the lowest COVID infection rate in the world, New Zealand is sure to be a top destination in the coming months. Right now, its borders are closed to non-residents, but as soon as these restrictions lift, New Zealand is sure to be one of the most stunning and safest places to travel. You can follow all travel requirements for New Zealand on the country’s COVID-19 site. 


Tokyo, Japan

Throughout the pandemic, Tokyo, Japan has been looking forward and planning for the Olympics, originally scheduled for 2020. Although postponed by the pandemic, the global sporting event is slated to take place in July and August 2021. The whole country will be prioritizing health and officials pledge to make the games as safe as possible for participants and spectators. Japan’s borders are largely closed at this time, however the country has a plan to gradually reopen to tourists and business travelers in the coming months. 


Wherever you decide to go when you feel comfortable traveling, we encourage you to protect your investment with trip insurance and your health with travel medical insurance. If you have more questions or want help finding the perfect plan for you and your loved ones, our Customer Success team is happy to help. 

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