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Travel Ideas for the Covid-Wary

Travel Ideas for the Covid-Wary

As Covid cases decrease globally and countries relax their Covid restrictions and reopen to foreign visitors, many eager travelers are putting their vacations back on their calendars. 

But some of us, understandably, remain wary. We may want to travel but were still mindful of the very real risks of traveling during a pandemic. One way to keep your risk of contracting Covid relatively low and still enjoy a getaway is to book your vacations in states less impacted by the virus. 

Heres a look at some of the U.S. states (and territories) with the highest vaccination rates, lowest number of cases, and some of the strictest Covid protocols in the country.                         


Throughout the pandemic Vermont has had one of the lowest Covid case rates in the country. According to Statistica, it currently has the least number of cases. Its also the second most vaccinated state in the country, with 80% of its population fully vaccinated. As for Covid restrictions, the state is fully reopened and though state employees are required to be vaccinated and submit to weekly Covid tests, theres no such stipulations for visitors. For more information on Vermonts Covid status and regulations, check the state health departments COVID-19 page.

Covid-wary travelers can hit the slopes in Stowe, hike the Green Mountain, or take a tour of the famed Ben & Jerrys ice cream factory, all within the borders of this east coast state. 

Rhode Island

As of this writing, Rhode Island is Americas most vaccinated state. State-wide Covid restrictions have eased and individual businesses and organizations are in control of their own masking policies and Covid safety protocols. For the latest Covid updates and restrictions, please visit Rhode Islands Covid portal.

Here, travelers can explore the Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design, tour The Breakers mansion in Newport, or lounge on the beach at Narragansett Bay.                                                                                                                                                                             


Wyoming has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. While theres no state-wide Covid protocols in place, individual businesses and organizations may implement their own masking policies and Covid regulations. For more information please visit Wyoming State Health Department site

Wyoming doesnt have a reputation for being a vacation hotspot, but that might be a very good thing for travelers who want to take more precautions against Covid. From hiking and whitewater rafting in Yellowstone, to experiencing a bit of history at Cody, a town founded by Buffalo Bill, the state has a lot to offer.   

Puerto Rico

This U.S. territory located in the Caribbean has a vaccination rate on par with Vermonts and has seen fewer than 20 Covid-related hospitalizations for every 100,000 people. 

As a domestic and international hotspot, Puerto Rico has maintained some strict Covid protocols. Though, some restrictions have eased. As of February 2, travelers who are fully vaccinated dont have to present a negative Covid test to enter Puerto Rico, though they still need to upload their Proof of Vaccine to the territorys travel declaration form portal as part of their TravelSafe initiative.  Unvaccinated travelers need to present a negative Covid test result to bypass the otherwise mandatory seven-day quarantine. They also have the option to take a test within 48 hours of arrival.

The territory also has some of the most stringent Covid safety rules when it comes to children. Children 5 years and older must have proof of vaccination or a negative test taken within the required timeframe.  Kids between ages 2 and 4 must also present a negative test result. Only children under two are exempt. These restrictions are part of the reason Puerto Rico has such low Covid numbers.

Travelers up for exploring a bioluminescent bay, kayaking or jet-skiing on the beach, or hiking waterfall-dotted trails, will find everything they need in Puerto Rico. 


A perennial tourist hotspot for U.S. and international travelers alike, Hawaii has one of the lowest levels of Covid cases in the country and some of the strictest Covid-related entry requirements. 

While many states have loosened restrictions, Hawaii is continuing with its Safe Travels Hawaii initiative until March 25. If Hawaii has tougher Covid restrictions, its for good reason. According to a survey conducted by VisitorsCoverage, the state ranked alongside Mexico as the top travel destination for Americans in 2022. Its also a sought-after location for many international travelers. 

The Covid restrictions are in place to keep locals and tourists as safe as possible. Travelers can enjoy a Luau in Oahu, catch some waves in Maui or explore the rainforests of Kauai all in one gorgeous state.  

Be advised though that the Covid rates and considerations may vary from island to island. Refer to the Safe Travels Hawaii guidelines for the latest alerts and regulations. 

Please note that Covid cases and safety protocols are always changing. If youre thinking about booking a vacation in one of these states, be sure to visit each states government website for the latest Covid alerts and restriction updates. 

Need More Flexibility? Consider Trip Insurance

Trip insurance can help with cancellations, baggage mishaps, flight delays and missed connections. For as little as $100 dollars you could save thousands if your travel plans hit a snag. 

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has shown us that theres no fool-proof way to avoid contracting Covid. This could be especially true as the world reopens its borders and relaxes their safety restrictions. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just stay home. 

When you book your hotels and schedule your flights, consider opting for trip insurance with a Cancel For Any Reason benefit. This will ensure that you can cancel your trip plans for literally any reason and still recoup some prepaid travel expenses, like hotel and rental deposits.

You wont be limited to the covered cancellation reasons listed on your policy. That means that if you decide that now is just not the best time for you to travel, you can cancel and still protect your financial investment. 

As your friends and neighbors start making their travel plans, its only natural to feel the pangs of wanderlust. While the states on this list do present a comparatively lower risk of contracting Covid, staying home for a little while longer might be the right move for you. While the world offers so many wonderful places to visit and explore, its worth remembering that these places will still be there waiting for you when youre really ready to travel, and so will VisitorsCoverage

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