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Talk to a Licensed Insurance Specialist: 7:00AM - 6:00PM PT (Mon-Fri)

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VisitorsCoverage Wins Awards for COVID Response

VisitorsCoverage Wins Awards for COVID Response

VisitorsCoverage receives a 2021 Gold Globee Award for Company Innovation of the Year and Bronze Globee for Company Rethinking of the Year

VisitorsCoverage is honored to receive two awards from the 6th Annual 2021 American Best in Business Awards (AKA The Globees) for COVID response. Weve been awarded a Gold Globee for Company Rethinking of the Year and a Bronze Globee for Company Innovation of the Year. We couldnt be more thrilled to be recognized for our innovation and adaptability during this past unprecedented year for our business and the world.

Luna, Our Gold Globee Award-winning Innovation

VisitorsCoverage won the Gold Globee for Company Innovation of the Year by creating Luna ( our multiple award-winning smartbot), the travel insurance industrys first-ever smartbot. At the height of the pandemic, when there was so much uncertainty around domestic and international travel requirements and restrictions, we wanted to make sure that anxious travelers had the most up-to-date information. The desire to help customers face these challenging conditions led our team of innovators to create Luna.


Luna responds to customer queries and helps travelers understand the complicated world of travel insurance. The tool helps customers understand the new and often shifting COVID-19-related restrictions and rules. Some of the smartbots specific capabilities include assistance with pre-sales, post-sales, customer service, responding to policy-specific customer queries as well as general travel insurance questions, and providing plan options specific to each travelers needs.

The Bronze Globee for Company Rethinking of the Year

Winning the Bronze Globee for Company Rethinking of the Year is a testament to our agility.The travel industry faced unprecedented challenges at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As countries closed their borders and cities across the globe issued stay-at-home orders, leisure travel came to a halt.


Some travel, however, was deemed essential. VisitorsCoverage moved quickly to protect these travelers by offering the most extensive portfolio of travel medical plans covering COVID-19. These plans included VisitorsCoverages flagship product, CoverAmerica-Gold. This plan offers COVID-19 safeguards like quarantine reimbursement, border protection, legal/attorney fees, dental and vision coverage, and public emergency health screening benefits. CoverAmerica-Gold was the first travel medical insurance product on the market with no-fee cancellation options. This benefit allows policyholders to recoup certain prepaid financial expenses should they need to cancel or reschedule their travel plans.

Continuing the Mission

VisitorsCoverage is driven by technology and flexibility. These are two of the main reasons we remain an industry game-changer after over 15 years in the field. We will continue to harness the power of technology to streamline the travel insurance buying process and to educate travelers on their coverage options. We weathered the pandemics twists and turns with agility and adaptability for our customers and our employees. Receiving these Globee awards validates our business model and spurs us on as we continue our mission of educating and protecting travelers throughout the world.

Along with these new feathers in our cap, we have a long list of prestigious awards that are testament to our leadership in this industry on every front, be it technology, innovation or customer experience; weve championed them all.

About The American Best in Business Awards Program

The American Best in Business Awards program recognizes the achievements of businesses and professionals across the country. From new product innovations to creating a productive workplace, the awards honor a wide range of accomplishments each year. In its 6th year, the program added categories related to COVID response.




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