Google Travel’s COVID-19 Precautions Ensure Safer Travels

Google Travel’s COVID-19 Precautions Ensure Safer Travels

There’s no getting around it, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel. Luckily, we’ve seen a host of companies stepping up, enhancing their usual protocols to keep tourists and visitors safe while they’re away from home. 


Earlier this month, Google Travel booking service announced new health and safety features to help travelers stay safe during the Covid pandemic. Now, when users search for hotels or vacation rental properties through Google Travel, each listing comes with information about the Covid safety precautions the establishment has taken to ensure their guests’ safety. These measures may include things like vigorous cleaning procedures or contact-free check-in. Google partners with these hotel chains and vacation rental companies to give travelers the most up to date information on specific steps they’re taking to reduce risk of infection. Hotel owners can even give this information directly by using a tool in Google My Business that allows them to enter their Covid procedures right into their company’s profile. This is great news for travelers and their loved ones! 

Hotels and vacation rental properties aren’t the only companies modifying their guidelines to keep travelers safe. Travel insurance providers have made some important changes, too.  Many trip insurance and travel medical coverage plans now offer Covid protections. VisitorsCoverage is proud to offer these plans and give travelers the information they need to make the best travel insurance decisions for their needs. 


In these uncertain times, sometimes the safest route is to stay home. The Cove outbreak can move fast, putting new countries and regions on high alert in a matter of days. So when you purchase trip insurance one of the most important safety precautions you can take is to opt in for the Cancel For Any Reason benefit. If Covid incidence changes in your home or destination regions, you can cancel your trip and recoup the majority of your  financial investment. how choosing the Cancel For Any Reason benefit can help you.   


Whether it’s Google Travel offering the most up to date Covid protocols for hotels, or VisitorsCoverage helping you compare Covid coverage options, the travel industry wants you to know they care about your safety. If you choose to travel during this time, or feel you need to cancel your plans, either way, we got you covered.