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Talk to a Licensed Insurance Specialist: 7:00AM - 6:00PM PT (Friday)

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COVID-19 Coverage for Visitors to the US

COVID-19 Coverage for Visitors to the US

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has put a pause on worldwide travel, vaccine rollouts and easing restrictions are allowing visitors to start planning international trips once again. Whether youre already finalizing the details of your trip to the U.S., or are just daydreaming about summer vacation, you may be wondering about travel insurance policies and what exactly they cover. Here are some of the top questions about travel insurance plans for Covid.

Top FAQs Regarding Covid Coverage

My parents plan to visit the U.S. soon, will my insurance offer Covid coverage?

There are a number of travel insurance plans that cover travelers for Covid. If you need to buy a new plan, check out this list of plans that cover Covid.

I already have a visitor insurance policy for the U.S. Does my insurance cover Covid?

If you already have an existing policy, you should carefully review the policy documents. Some policies include Covid coverage, while others dont. If you contract Covid after your policy begins and the policy does include Covid coverage, then your insurance policy may cover treatment and services like any new medical condition.

I am a visitor to the U.S., but I dont have a visitors insurance policy and I want to get treatment for Covid. If I buy the policy now, will it be covered?

Visitors insurance will not cover any illness or condition that existed prior to the purchase of the insurance. This includes Covid. If you dont have the virus but want to purchase a visitors insurance plan as a precaution, then the insurance plan may cover you (though its not guaranteed). Check policy documents carefully before purchasing.

Is Covid covered if I extend my plan?

Covid treatment and services may be covered if you extend your visitors insurance plan. There should be no lapse in coverage between extensions and the policyholder must not have contracted Covid prior to the policy start date. Here are some plans that cover Covid.

Will my travel insurance plan cover testing for Covid?

Although it depends on the plan, preventative testing for Covid is usually not covered under visitors insurance. However, there are a few plans, including CoverAmerica-Gold, that may cover preventative testing in some situations. If Covid is contracted after the policy start date, testing, treatment and services may be covered by visitors insurance.

Has the price for insurance increased due to the Covid?

Pricing for visitors insurance has not increased due to the Covid pandemic. Pricing for travel insurance is regulated by the Department of Insurance.

Have a question that isnt listed here? We realize that this is a difficult time and want to do all we can to answer your questions. Check out more information on Covid or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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