Coronavirus Coverage for Visitors to the USA

*Updated March 24, 2020.

With the recent COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak around the world, many people have questions about visitors insurance policies and what they cover for those visiting the U.S. Here we have compiled some of the most common questions about coronavirus-coverage for U.S. visitors.

  1. My parents plan to visit the USA soon, will your insurance cover them for Coronavirus-related medical situations?
    • The United States is not on the official travel ban list due to the coronavirus epidemic. The visitors insurance plans offered on our website for coverage in the  USA should cover the COVID-19 coronavirus like any other new medical condition. 
    • Please Note: As of March 3rd, 2020, PIU (Petersen International Underwriters) plans will not cover for Coronavirus-related expenses.
  2. I already have a visitor insurance policy for the USA, does it cover coronavirus-related conditions?
    • For existing policyholders with a visitors insurance plan for coverage in the United States, coronavirus-related conditions may be covered. If you contract coronavirus after your policy begins, your visitors insurance policy may cover for treatment and services like any other new medical condition. 
  3. What is your insurance coverage for coronavirus-related expenses?
    • The following answers are applicable after March 2nd.
    • For Visitors to the USA:
      • Coronavirus-related expenses for treatment and services can be covered under travel insurance if the policy was purchased prior to contracting the virus. COVID-19 is not a listed exclusion on plans.
    • For visitors to other countries:
  4. I am a visitor to the USA, but I do not have a visitor insurance policy and I want to get treatment for coronavirus. If I buy the policy now, will it be covered?
    • Visitors insurance will not cover any illness or condition that existed prior to the purchase of the insurance, this includes coronavirus. If you do not have the virus but want to purchase a visitors insurance plan as a precaution in case you are exposed, then the insurance plan may cover you.
  5. Is coronavirus covered if I renew my plan?
    • Coronavirus treatment and services can be covered if you renew your visitors insurance plan. There must be no lapse in coverage between renewals and the coronavirus must not have been contracted prior to the policy start date.
  6. Will my travel insurance plan cover coronavirus testing?
    • Preventative testing for coronavirus will not be covered under visitors insurance. If COVID-19 coronavirus is contracted after the policy start date, testing, treatment and services may be covered by visitors insurance.
  7. Has the price for insurance increased due to the coronavirus?
    • Pricing for visitors insurance has not increased due to the coronavirus at this time. Pricing for travel insurance is regulated by the Department of Insurance.

Have a question not listed here? We realize that this is a difficult time and want to do all we can to help answer your questions. Check out all of our articles on coronavirus or reach out to our customer service team

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