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Top COVID-19 & Travel Insurance FAQs

Top COVID-19 & Travel Insurance FAQs

*Updated September 24, 2021

What Kind of Travel Insurance Covers COVID-19?

Travel medical insurance and trip insurance will both offer some Covid-related coverage and benefits if the incidents occur after the policy effective date.

Travel medical insurance covers a policyholder for medical treatment and services if Covid was contracted after the policy effective date.

On the other hand, trip insurance covers a policyholder’s non-refundable financial investments if the policyholder needs to cancel their trip due to contracting Covid. During the trip, if Covid is contracted, the trip insurance policy can also cover for medical treatment and services.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Covid?

If you’re visiting the U.S and looking for a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan with various Covid benefits, CoverAmerica-Gold is a great option.

CoverAmerica-Gold offers the following Covid related benefits:

  • Treatment and services related to Covid-19 if the virus was contracted after the policy effective date
  • One-time Covid-19 test under the Public Health Emergency Benefit  (Review the description of coverage for any limits or exclusions)
  • Quarantine Indemnity benefit
  • Telehealth services

If you’re a U.S. resident looking for a trip cancellation insurance plan with Covid benefits, Safe Travels Voyager is a great option.

Safe Travels Voyager offers the following Covid related benefits:

  • Treatment and services related to Covid-19 if the virus was contracted after the policy effective date
  • Travel Delay: Up to $2,000 (Quarantine and lodging coverage if Covid-19 was contracted within the policy effective period)
  • Optional: Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) benefit

Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid Testing?

There are plans that include coverage for Covid that will cover testing if the insured is experiencing symptoms and it is ordered by the attending physician for diagnostic purposes. The insured can not request for a Covid test as a preventative action. 

However, visitors to the U.S. may consider the CoverAmerica-Gold policy which does include a one time Covid test covered under the Public Health Emergency Screening benefit. The Public Health Emergency Screening benefit can be utilized even if the insured is not experiencing Covid related symptoms.  

To qualify for the Public Health Emergency Screening benefit, the following must be met:

  • The insured must have purchased the Cover America- Gold policy prior to departing their home country.

Please review CoverAmerica-Gold’s description of coverage for any limits or exclusions.

Will My Visitor Insurance Cover Covid Vaccinations? 

The Covid vaccine is not covered with travel insurance. However, there are travel medical and trip cancellation insurance plans that can provide coverage for Covid treatment and services if the virus was contracted during the policy coverage period. With the new Covid variants on the rise it is advised to purchase a travel medical insurance policy with Covid benefits to help ease your mind while traveling abroad.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Quarantine? 

There are some travel medical and trip insurance plans that include Covid coverage and quarantine benefits. 

In order for the policyholder to utilize the quarantine benefits on their travel medical insurance plan, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your travel medical insurance plan must include coverage for Covid-19 and quarantine indemnity benefits.
  2. The attending physician must diagnose the condition and determine that you have contracted Covid-19 after the policy effective date.
  3. Services and treatment must be ordered by a medical physician in order for you to be covered. This includes tests, treatment, medication, as well as being ordered to quarantine.

For trip insurance plans, the following benefits will be triggered if the policyholder is ordered to quarantine by the attending physician due to Covid-19: 

  1. Trip Cancellation – If a policyholder is ordered to quarantine due to contracting Covid-19 prior to the departure date, a cancellation can be requested for the non-refundable prepaid trip costs made. Please note that the cancellation request must be made at least 2 days prior to departure.
  2. Trip Delay – If a policyholder contracts Covid-19 during their travels and is ordered to quarantine and can not make it back home on their scheduled return, the trip delay benefit can be utilized. The benefit can offer coverage for  lodging and accommodations while the policyholder is quarantining.

Can I Buy Travel Insurance if There are Travel Advisories in Place?

With the vaccine rollout, many countries are allowing travel again. If you decide to travel, be sure to take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Some countries are now requiring all visitors to purchase travel insurance. Please refer to your local government’s regulations and advisories.

Does my Existing Travel Insurance Cover Covid?

Coverage depends on when you purchase a policy and the plan you choose. If you had already purchased travel insurance with Covid coverage before contracting the virus, your plan can provide coverage for treatment and services related to Covid.   Consider speaking to a qualified travel insurance consultant to discuss your travel situation and get individualized guidance. If you want to purchase a new travel insurance plan, please consult our Covid information page.

If I Cancel my Trip Because of Covid, Will it be Covered?

If you have a travel medical insurance policy and need to cancel your trip due to Covid, depending on the plan purchased, you may cancel and receive a refund prior to the effective date (date of departure). Please review your specific plan’s cancellation terms and conditions for any limitations or exclusions.Trip insurance plans offer a free look back period where a policyholder can cancel their plan within a set timeframe and receive a full refund. The duration of the free look back period will depend on the plan purchased. After the free look back period has expired, if a policyholder needs to cancel their trip due to contracting Covid, they can utilize the trip cancellation benefit on the policy. This benefit can cover up to 100% of the non-refundable prepaid trip costs.

If a trip insurance policyholder needs to cancel for any other reason that is not covered, they should consider purchasing a plan that offers Cancel for Any Reason coverage. Cancel for Any Reason coverage is an optional benefit policyholders can add onto their standard coverage. You can cancel for any reason and the insurance company can reimburse the policyholder up to 75% of their non-refundable prepaid trip costs.    If you are canceling a pre-planned trip, you can contact your insurance provider and inquire whether they will cover this instance or not.

If I am Traveling Overseas and I Get Covid, Can My Travel Insurance Help Me Evacuate?

Some travel medical and trip insurance plans do provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation. The coverage and limitations on the emergency medical evacuation will depend on the plan purchased. The evacuation will either be to the nearest hospital or back to the insured’s home country for additional treatment. Be sure to read the policy details carefully before purchasing.

If I am Overseas and Get Covid, Will My Domestic Health Insurance Cover It?

Many people may not know that their domestic healthcare most likely will not provide coverage outside of their home country. This is why it’s important to have a travel insurance plan while traveling abroad.

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