Find COVID-19 Coverage Before Your Next Trip

Find COVID-19 Coverage Before Your Next Trip

*Updated July 29, 2021

If you’re thinking about traveling, you might also think about travel insurance. While medical officials around the world distribute the COVID-19 vaccines and countries cautiously reopen their borders, travelers of every kind still need to be wary. 

With one of the largest Covid portfolios in the travel Insurtech marketplace, VisitorsCoverage can help you find, compare and buy the best travel medical coverage for your trips. Whether you’re an international traveler visiting family in Miami, a U.S. citizen vacationing in Costa Rica, or a student traveling the world, we can match you with the perfect coverage. 

Access One of the Largest Covid Portfolios

With one of the widest catalog of Covid coverage options, VisitorsCoverage can help you find the travel medical insurance plan that suits your specific needs. The list below outlines your best bets for Covid coverage, whether you’re a visitor to the U.S., traveling outside the U.S. or a student traveler.   

Covid Travel Medical Plans for Visitors to the U.S.

When you’re ready to visit the U.S. and North America the plans below can keep you safe both physically and financially. 

Covid Coverage for International Travelers, Excluding the U.S.

International travelers to countries other than the United States will find the plans below especially helpful. 

Covid Student Plans for Coverage Within the U.S.

Students traveling within the United States have lots of options when it comes to Covid coverage. Here are some of the best plans which cover Covid.

Covid Student Plans for Coverage Outside the U.S.

For students looking for Covid coverage outside of the U.S. the plans listed below can help. 

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Covid Coverage

Sometimes even when we book our travel arrangements far in advance and think we’ve prepared for every unexpected outcome, things always come up. In the age of Covid this has never been more true. Should you need to cancel your trip due to Covid-related issues, or any other reason, for that matter, the plans listed below can help. 

Covid Trip Cancellation Plans for U.S. Residents Within the U.S. & Internationally

Cancel for any reason options cover Covid-related trip cancellations. Here are some of the best plan options for U.S. residents within the U.S. or internationally.