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This Valentine’s Day, Give the Gift of Travel

This Valentine’s Day, Give the Gift of Travel

A dozen roses. A box of chocolates. A heart-shaped locket. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts these are the tried-and-true standbys. 

But if you want to really sweep your special someone off their feet this Valentine’s Day, give them the gift of travel. A getaway may be just the thing to show your Valentine how much they mean to you. And, while it’s not exactly romantic, travel insurance will show them just how much you care about their safety.   

Romance on a Budget

At first blush, travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense. But amid all the uncertainties of Travel these days, spending as little as $100 for trip insurance or $200 for travel medical insurance can give you the flexibility to change up your plans without financial loss and the ability to get medical care no matter where you are in the world. 

Given that the average per person cost for a one week vacation in the U.S. is over $1500, spending a bit up front on trip insurance is a good investment. For Americans traveling internationally, the costs of a weeklong vacation are significantly increased, especially if you require urgent medical attention. 

No matter how good your domestic healthcare coverage is, it won’t cover you abroad. The sense of financial and physical security you’ll get from travel medical insurance, is well worth paying a little extra.  

Nobody Loves Canceling Plans

This Valentine’s Day you may be ready for a getaway. Whether you are planning on traveling domestically or abroad, the right coverage can save you stress, not to mention, money. Trip insurance offers cancellation protection against specific covered events like inclement weather or illness, but if you want even more freedom, some plans offer add-on benefits that can help.

Should you need to cancel your trip for any reason, a trip insurance plan with Cancel For Any Reason protection will allow you to cancel your plans and recoup certain prepaid travel expenses.

Romance & Cruise Control 

There are few things more romantic than a moonlit cruise. If you’re planning on surprising your partner with a cruise getaway, don’t forget to bring a cruise-specific travel insurance plan aboard. 

Cruises have limited medical resources and when at sea they can be hard to access. This makes emergency medical evacuation insurance essential. Cruise-specific insurance also covers costs related to a missed port departure. 

If you and your special someone get caught up and arrive at port just in time to see the boat departing, insurance can help defray the costs of getting you to the next port so you can reunite with your cruise.  

Is Love in the Air? 

When your plans involve flying, things might not always go as planned. Your flight might get canceled or be delayed, your luggage might get lost or damaged. 

So if your Valentine’s Day plans involve a flight, you’ll want to plan for these things. That’s where trip insurance comes in.  This coverage can reimburse you for costs related to flight delays, cancellations and missed connections, as well as lost, damaged or delayed luggage.   

Romance on the Road

Taking your valentine on a Great American Road Trip? If you’re traveling more than 90 miles from your home, trip insurance can help. 

Say you want to rent a car, with trip insurance you can get rental car damage insurance and in some cases even rental car theft coverage. This coverage is usually more comprehensive than what the rental car agency might offer you.

 Maybe you’ve booked a cozy B&B or a fancy hotel along the way. In that case, trip insurance can help cover prepaid expenses if your plans suddenly change and you need to cancel.  Want more tips on planning the ultimate road trip? We’ve got you covered.  

A Love Affair with Adventure?

If you and your significant other love adventure. You may pack your getaway with plenty of adrenaline-pumping thrills. If you’re traveling internationally, a travel medical insurance plan with adventure sports coverage can help.

Standard travel medical insurance may not cover injuries related to certain sports or activities deemed by insurers as high risk. 

From ziplining to rock climbing and skydiving to scuba diving, adventure sports coverage can cover medical care should you suffer an injury while participating in these amazing-but-higher-risk thrills.   

Pamper Your Valentine

Thinking about booking a massage at the hotel spa? Or planning on surprising your significant other with concert tickets for their favorite band or taking them to an impromptu game to cheer on their favorite team? 

Trip insurance lets you do these things without risking financial loss should you have to cancel your plans.  One of the surprising benefits of trip insurance with a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) option is that you can get prepaid expenses like concert tickets reimbursed should you need to cancel your trip. 

Another benefit of some trip insurance plans is complimentary concierge services. Maybe your travels take you to a city or country you’re not so familiar with. 

When you have trip insurance, your concierge may be able to get you reservations at the hottest restaurant in the area, or arrange a car service to come and pick you and your date up, all at no extra cost to you. 

Discover more surprising benefits of trip insurance and travel medical insurance.  

Travel Insurance, Is it Romantic? 

Not at first glance, but let’s look deeper. Romance is not usually associated with realism but when you’re planning a getaway, it should come into play. Even the most carefully planned out trips can hit some road bumps. 

If you’re worried about missing your connections, losing your baggage, or unexpected medical bills, it might be challenging to be at your romantic best. Travel insurance can reduce all that stress and set the stage for a romantic getaway that neither you nor your special someone will soon forget. 

When you’re planning your trip, add VisitorsCoverage as a resource. Connect with a member of our Customer Success Team  or hop over to our marketplace to choose the plan that works best for you.