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Getting the Most out of Your Travel Insurance

Getting the Most out of Your Travel Insurance

So, you’ve made the decision to buy travel insurance. This is one of the best travel tips we can give you. As a traveler, it’s also one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. But how do you ensure you get the best travel insurance for your needs? Here are our tips for buying travel insurance.


  • Read all documents and make a well-informed decision before choosing a policy.  Acquiring services or benefits that are not stated in the coverage would cost a lot of money and a great deal of anxiety.
  • Select a travel medical insurance policy with a renewable option when the duration of your stay is not confirmed. That way you won’t have to run after insurance providers for either cancellation reimbursement or a refund of the unused part of your policy.
  • If you can afford it, pay a little extra for more comprehensive coverage. Travel insurance policies with co-pays are worth buying for unexpected emergency or unpredictable expense. If you are a senior traveler, having more comprehensive coverage becomes more important as you might be more susceptible to illness or injury.
  • If you do have a renewable policy and need to extend it, extend it without delay. It must be extended before the initial policy end date.
  • Make copies of the insurance ID card and carry it along everywhere you travel. This is especially for those who travel a lot, touring different places.
  • Save all the receipts, doctor’s notes and reports, bills and other relevant insurance documents in order of claim date. This will help streamline the claims process.
  • Understand what your policy start and end-dates mean. Your start date should be the day you depart on your trip. The end date should be when you return to your home country.
  • Carry general medication and prescriptions for prescribed medicines from your home country. This will make it easier for you to get more medication if needed.
  • Always buy travel insurance from a reputed source. Comparison sites like VisitorCoverage are your best bet. Buying travel insurance online is easy, quick and secure. VisitorsCoverage’s travel insurance portfolio includes only top-rated travel insurance plans from a variety of insurance companies. You can research, compare and buy travel insurance all in one place.
  • Always choose a policy that’s popular. Not only because it’s been traveler-approved, but also because popular plans are more widely-known and likely accepted in more parts of the world.
  • Never travel without medical insurance to a country like the United States where medical care is extremely expensive. The more expensive healthcare is in your destination country the more likely you are to benefit from medical travel insurance.

If you need more travel insurance tips or more assistance before buying travel insurance, our award winning Customer Success Team is happy to answer your questions.


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