Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Here are some important and useful tips for buying travel insurance –

  • Read all documents and make a well-informed decision before choosing a policy.  Acquiring services or benefits that are not stated in the coverage would cost a lot of money and a great deal of anxiety.
  • A renewal policy is always a convenient option when the duration of your stay is not confirmed, buy a renewable policy and you won’t have to run after insurance providers for either cancellation or refund of the unused part of your policy.
  • Example: when you plan for a 4-month trip and the trip is cut-short suddenly, policies with a shorter period of coverage with a renewal option work well.
  • A “schedule of benefit” only provides the benefits listed in your coverage. If you can afford an expensive plan, don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a wider coverage. Other plans, like a policy with co-pay are worth buying for unexpected emergency or unpredictable expense.
  • Don’t forget or postpone or renewing the policy on time if your stay is extended.
  • Make a few copies of the insurance ID card; carry it along everywhere you travel during your visit. This note is especially for those who travel a lot, touring different places.
  • Save all the receipts, reports and other relevant insurance documents by order of date to claim; and file them for easy referrals while dealing with the insurance providers.
  • The start date on your plan should be the day you leave your home country, and the end date should be when you land back in your home country. Coverage can start as early as the next day or any future date you specify.
  • Carry general medication and prescriptions for prescribed medicines from your home country.
  • Always buy insurance from a reputed and reliable agent/website who is not pushy and provides varied information about policies. Never make a decision under the influence of emotions while choosing a plan or a company; just because a company name starts with your country name or has America in it, doesn’t mean that you will get what you are looking for.; be rational in finding what you’re looking for. Always choose a policy that’s popular because of its range of acceptance.
  • Never travel without medical insurance to a country like thenUnited States where medical care is extremely expensive.

Prevention is Better than Cure.

Be it weather or health in a foreign land, prediction is not possible. One must act with caution until he or she gets familiarized and is well acquainted with the surroundings. Buying insurance might get you financial protection, but one needs to be careful and follow instructions in order to have a pleasant stay. Taking necessary precautions is better than having to spend your vacation time at the doctors’ ruining your own time and distressing your loved ones.

Based on a study and reports from many of our users, here is a list of the most common problems, people visiting the US face; the elderly visiting from countries like India, Pakistan China etc in particular.

  1. Slipped in restroom.
  2. There is a vast difference in lifestyles and housing between India and the US. All the restrooms are finished with vinyl or tile flooring, which makes is slippery when wet; and puddles of water are not clearly visible on such type of floors, which makes it even more dangerous. Cover the area in and around tubs, sinks and commodes with rugs/carpets. Instruct your parents in advance.
  3. Falling while getting in and out of bathtubs is not uncommon. Lay a non-skid, latex-coated bath mat in the tub or rubber silicone appliqués/suction mats; this ensures firm footing even when the tub is soapy.
  4. Road accidents: Get familiar with the road traffic, respect and follow rules for pedestrians. Do not talk a lot while driving and at the same time, don’t distract the driver if you are the passenger; the driver might lose attention. Avoid any racing or any other dangerous driving activity.
  5. Parents/visitors need to know the importance of traffic rules like waiting for a signal to cross the road and general pedestrian safety. Give some general orientation on the rules to your parents/visitors.
  6. Sickness related to weather change: Be prepared for different weather conditions, and frequently changing weather; pack appropriate clothes. When touring different places, get the weather report beforehand and carry clothing accordingly.
  7. Stock enough medicines: Bring your general medicines. People who are on any prescribed medicine should bring enough stock assuming a longer stay.
  8. While you travel within the USA, carry all of your general and prescribed medicines along with insurance documents and ID.
  9. Don’t be offended to take instructions from your children or the younger generation; it is for your own well-being and safety

Good Luck !

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