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Should Couples Buy Separate Travel Insurance Policies?

Should Couples Buy Separate Travel Insurance Policies?

When purchasing travel medical insurance, you have the option of including your spouse and children in your policy. Does it make any difference if you buy a combined plan for the family or buy individually for each person? The answer is it depends on your situation.

If you are traveling with children, combined policies can be less expensive. If your children are below the age of 18 and are traveling for the same number of days as you, it is beneficial to purchase a combined policy. Most plans give you a lesser price for the kids if their policy is combined with parents.

Pros and Cons of Individual Policies

If you are traveling with your spouse, individual policies will cost the same but they have some advantages: It does not make a difference to your premium amount, policy maximum or benefits if you buy individual policies or combined policies. But buying individual policies gives you more flexibility and advantages. Below are few points that will demonstrate the highlights

1. Flexibility to cancel or renew individually: If for some reason, you need to extend or cancel the policy for only one spouse and not the other, then it is much easier to make such change if you have separate policies.

2. Flexibility to choose different Policy Maximum and Deductible: If you buy a combined policy, the policy maximum and deductible are the same for both the spouses. The older spouse’s age group and benefits apply to both. If you buy the plans separately, you can choose different policy options and deductibles.

3. Better options for cancellation refund: For cancellable policies, refund for cancellation is available only if there are no claims for the policy. If you have a combined policy, then any claim, even if it is only for one person, makes the policy ineligible for cancellation refund. If you have two policies for the spouses, then you can at least get the cancellation refund back for the person who did not go to the doctor.

In short, if you are traveling with children for the same number of days, then buy combined policies.  For spouses, it is recommended to purchase separate policies, since they cost the same, but have some advantages.

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