Explaining INF’s Guaranteed Cashless Claims Benefit

Explaining INF’s Guaranteed Cashless Claims Benefit

Travelers who need to file claims with INF now have a new ally in their corner: Introducing Robin Assist. With Robin Assist, policyholders can access guaranteed cashless claim options.

What is INF’s Guaranteed Cashless Claims Service?

To put it simply, INF’s new guaranteed cashless claims services means that if insured members follow the proper guidelines and meet the requirements, INF can pay the medical provider directly so that the member doesn’t have to wait to be reimbursed while their claim is being processed.

How Does INF’s Guaranteed Cashless Claims Process Work?

The following information is provided for convenience. This information is subject to change at the discretion of the provider, in this case, INF Insurance. Please contact INF for any further details related to this service.

Here’s what insured members under INF Premier and INF Elite need to know about the new cashless claims process:

  • If the policyholder becomes symptomatic, they can message INF’s team 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round via Whatsapp and phone +1 (380) 234 - 2040, or email (infplans@robinassist.com).
  • The insured will be put in touch with a nurse practitioner, who will be able to provide immediate consultation. This will result in two possibilities:
    1. If it’s determined that the policyholder is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, INF will direct them to the nearest hospital. INF will contact the hospital and provide their eligibility and coverage details on behalf of the member.
    2. If the member wants to go to an urgent care facility, INF will contact 3 urgent cares while the member is on the line.
    3. If the member wants to go to a specialist, INF will make the appointment with a preferred provider by the member or find a provider for the member.
  • Members can request any in-network facility. This means that they can get treatment from anywhere within INF’s network of medical providers. If policyholders go that route, INF will provide verification of benefits or they may provide a “guarantee of payment” to the provider to ensure that it is cashless. This means that INF will prepay for the visit as we have already assessed that the symptoms are eligible for benefits.
  • If the member wants to go to a specialist/lab facility they can suggest 3 in-network facilities, or INF will provide options. INF will also provide verification of benefit OR a “guarantee of payment” to the provider to ensure that it is cashless.

PLEASE NOTE: For “Guarantee of Payment'', the insured member must complete the process of finding the appropriate medical provider directly with INF’s team. For reference, the INF customer service number is 408-222-1110. New and existing customers can both take advantage of the guaranteed cashless program. For additional and further details please contact INF Insurance.

Learn More About INF Insurance Plans

Want to take advantage of INF’s new guaranteed cashless claims benefit? Currently we offer two INF travel medical plan options: INF Premier and INF Elite. These plans are designed for non-U.S. residents and non-U.S. citizens traveling to the United States, Canada, or Mexico. One of the main advantages of these plans is that they can cover travelers with pre-existing medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes, which are covered as new conditions under the plan. Historically, the insurance industry has been reluctant to cover pre-existing conditions. Now, though, travelers have more options. If you are seeking travel medical coverage for your pre-existing medical condition, compare INF’s plans with plans like USVisit-Pro.