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Essential Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

Essential Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

If youre thinking about traveling for spring break this year, you may be a little anxious, especially if this is your first time traveling since the start of the pandemic. Your travel experience might feel unfamiliar. Heres how to spring break safely in the global new normal.

Pack extra face masks and hand sanitizer

This spring break safety tip is probably pretty obvious. It’s one of the most consistent recommendations for COVID-19 safety. Still, its worth mentioning. Masks become less effective if they are not cleaned properly.

If your masks become contaminated, extras can help keep both you and your fellow spring-breakers safe. Since you dont want to underestimate how much hand sanitizer you and your friends need, its a good idea to pack a few extra bottles.

Always follow travel restrictions and requirements

Travel restrictions and requirements may change day by day. Its important to stay updated on the coronavirus updates in your home city or country as well as your destination city or country. If youre living in a land-locked state in America, you might be planning to spend spring break 2021 in Cancun, but if you dont follow the latest restrictions and requirements you might not get that chance.

Buy travel insurance

The pandemic has likely changed the way we travel for good. We estimate that over 50% of travelers are now likely to purchase travel insurance post-pandemic.

In fact, some spring break hot spots likeArubarequire proof of coverage for entry.Find more information on other countries that require proof of insurance here. Travel insurance comes in two forms,travel medicalandtrip insurance.

Travel medical insurance may cover costs associated with injuries or illnesses, including Covid, that occur during your travels. This means you can receive proper medical care without going into debt. On the other hand, trip insurance can help you recoup costs that would otherwise be non-refundable, like air travel costs, border protections and lost baggage safeguards.

Add a Cancel For Any Reason benefit

Due to all the uncertainties surrounding travel right now, the best way to protect your investments is to make sure your travel insurance coverage includesCancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance. This benefit covers cancellations due to any circumstance, even those not typically covered under regular travel insurance policies. This includes COVID-19-related situations.

Keep your distance

Just the mention of Spring Break might conjure up images of beach-goers drinking and dancing in large tightly-packed clusters. Its not exactly known for social distancing. But this year, youll want to be sure to stay at least six feet apart. No, it isnt exactly an ideal spring break, but its better to keep yourself and your fellow revelers safe.

Have a Covid plan

While its definitely not fun to think about, especially on vacation, youll want to prepare for the possibility that someone in your party might contract COVID-19.

The CDC has mandated that all international travelers present a negative Covid test before theyre permitted to board their flight to the United States. What will you do if someone tests positive?

Know the Covid policies of every resort, hotel, or lodging accommodations you book. Some places may even offer on-site Covid tests, while others might let you quarantine for free if you test positive toward the end of your trip.

Consider renting a vacation home for spring break

Renting a vacation home for your group keeps you socially distant from other travelers and so reduces your risk of contracting or transmitting the virus. Since any place you might find through Airbnb or some other home-share site likely has a slower guest turnover than your average hotel, means there are fewer opportunities for the virus to spread.

Even in a vacation home, youll still want to maintain proper Covid protocols, including staying six feet apart from people outside of your bubble, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, and isolating yourself at the first sign that something may be wrong. Theres so muchmore to love about renting vacation homesduring these uncertain times.

Of course, even if you follow all these Spring Break travel tips exactly, there are no guarantees. If you have any reservations about traveling during the pandemic the best thing to do is to stay home.

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