Limited vs Comprehensive Plans

Limited Coverage Plans

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Coverage and Benefits

Low benefits with many limits. Plan pays only a pre-defined fixed dollar amount for each medical service, and the remaining amount is your liability. May not have PPO network. You may visit any doctor, but benefits are fixed.

Higher benefits: Better coverage. Insurance pays a percentage of eligible expenses up to the policy limit, and the remaining amount is your liability. PPO network available so you get negotiated and discounted rates from the provider.



Higher as compare to Limited plans

Travel-Related Coverage


Most plans provide coverage for baggage loss, trip interruption, emergency evacuation, etc.

Our Recommendation

Good for basic coverage only. Benefits may not be adequate to provide sufficient protection in case of serious medical issues.

Excellent choice if you want to limit your liability and get adequate coverage for minor as well as serious medical issues.
Highly recommended Highly Recommended