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Best Mothers Day Gift Ever? Travel Insurance

Best Mothers Day Gift Ever? Travel Insurance

When you think about Mothers Day gifts, travel insurance probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind. Then again, whats a good mothers day gift? Flowers that will eventually wilt or another piece of jewelry? Getting your mom travel insurance for Mothers Day 2021 is a highly practical present that can actually mark the start of an amazing adventure. This year, consider purchasing travel insurance for your mom as a way to protect her next trip and make it even more memorable.

What Kind of Travel Insurance Should I Buy For My Mother?

So, your mom has a trip coming up (or maybe shes on the verge of booking something fun). No matter her age, purchasing some type of travel medical insurance is a good idea. Not only does travel insurance prioritize your moms health and safety, but the peace of mind it will give her will be invaluable.

Luckily, there are many choices of plans to choose from. Plans are generally categorized and priced based on age, length of trip, country of origin, and coverage needs. Beyond these general categorizations, you can also filter through visitors insurance plans based on activities or specific benefits or add-ons. Here are some insurance plan recommendations any mother would love.

Travel insurance for the mother who loves adventure

If you have a mom who loves to feel adrenaline run through her veins, then consider choosing an insurance plan with adventure sports coverage. Although traditional travel insurance plans will cover medical costs for emergencies, accidents related to adventure sports are often excluded from those policies. For example, if your outdoorsy mom loves hiking and mountaineering, or is looking forward to a beach vacation that involves scuba diving and snorkeling, these activities would not be covered under a normal travel insurance plan. With adventure sports coverage, your mom can participate in these activities with peace of mind knowing shes covered for the unexpected.

Travel insurance for the indecisive mother

If your mom has trouble making decisions, or if shes juggling a very busy schedule, purchasing a Cancel For Any Reason add-on to her insurance plan can put her mind at ease. Without this benefit, if unexpected events occur and your mom has to cancel her trip, the decision to cancel can often come with added expenses, or a lack of reimbursement for cancellations. With Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance, your mom can cancel the trip for any reason and still receive some reimbursement for prepaid trip expenses and deposits that would otherwise be nonrefundable.

Travel insurance for the elderly mother

Theres no shame in growing older; it happens to everyone. However, our travel insurance options are more limited as we age since insurance companies consider age a primary factor when it comes to risk. Although plans for seniors have some restrictions, there are still a number of plans available to your mother. Whether your mom is still not yet a senior citizen, is 70 or older, or is 80 or older, youll find a number of plans that will give her international coverage for her trip abroad.

Travel insurance for the mother who loves Europe

With insurance plans, you generally have to obtain travel insurance for each country you aim to visit. However, if your moms epic Europe trip involves hopping from Rome to Paris to Berlin, then obtaining Schengen Travel Insurance is the way to go.

Travel insurance for the mother who loves cruises

If your mother is planning on going on the cruise vacation of her dreams, then purchasing specific Cruise Insurance for her would be a thoughtful gesture. Cruise insurance is often overlooked, even by the savviest vacationers. Why do you need cruise insurance? Most important is that regular traveler health insurance may not provide coverage during the cruise. If any unexpected accident or illness were to happen onboard, your mother may not be covered, resulting in incredibly high medical expenses. Beyond health coverage, cruise insurance often will provide coverage for a missed departure, a missing wallet or identity theft, trip delay, baggage loss, and emergency evacuation.

Travel Insurance: The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift

If youre looking for a gift for Mothers Day that is both meaningful and useful, then travel insurance makes a great and unexpected present. The fact that you thought of something that safeguards your moms health and safety will mean the world to her. And the cost of giving her peace of mind so she can have the trip of her life? Priceless.

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