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Best Places for Expats to Live & Tips for New Expats

Best Places for Expats to Live & Tips for New Expats

Living or working abroad can be an exciting experience as you venture away from home to immerse yourself into a new culture. If you’re trying to find a good place to live as an expat, comparing your options can help you determine which place closely matches your own individual preferences, career, and desired lifestyle. 

Here are some of the best places for expats to live based on popularity.


Spain offers a high quality of life, with a relaxed lifestyle, delectable cuisine, vibrant culture, and rich history, emphasizing work-life balance and year-round outdoor activities. Spain also offers generally affordable cost of living, particularly in housing, groceries, and dining out. There are also job opportunities in many vibrant cities particularly in tourism, hospitality, education, technology, and finance.


Australia is a dream destination for many expats for many different reasons. It offers majestic views of various natural wonders and diverse wildlife to explore. Plus, English is spoken in Australia which can be helpful for those from America looking to live abroad.

Australia is regarded as a very safe and stable environment that welcomes a laid-back work-life balance, which is great for expats. Australia also has tons of job opportunities in mining, healthcare, and technology.


Japan has a high standard of living with excellent healthcare, safety, and cleanliness. The country’s efficient public transportation system and infrastructure make daily life convenient, which can be ideal for expats who are working in high populated areas.

Japan also offers abundant job opportunities, particularly in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, finance, and education. Companies in Japan are known for their strong emphasis on innovation and dedication to quality, attracting skilled professionals from around the world.


Canada is a highly popular destination for expats due to several key factors. Firstly, Canada’s welcoming attitude towards immigrants, multicultural cities, and a strong sense of community create an environment where expats feel accepted and valued.

The natural beauty of Canada is enticing, with gorgeous winters and warm summers. Canada is also known for its overall safety and strong economy which offers various job opportunities including those in technology, finance, healthcare, and natural resources.


Portugal has emerged as a top choice for expats, drawn by its warm climate and stunning coastline, especially in the Algarve region. Portugal has a relatively low cost of living, particularly in housing and everyday expenses.

Programs like the Golden Visa scheme, offering residency permits to investors, and favorable tax incentives have further fueled the growth of Portugal’s expat community. Key job opportunities in Portugal include tourism and hospitality, language teaching, technology, finance, and healthcare.

5 Tips for New Expats

While living or working abroad can be an exciting adventure, it’s still important to be prepared and do your research to ensure that your international experience is a memorable one.

Here are 5 tips for new expats to help you on your journey.

Take Care of Your Health

Thinking about your health and medical care is important when preparing to live or work abroad. Most domestic health insurance plans will not offer coverage internationally. This can leave you vulnerable for high out-of-pocket costs if you need medical care abroad and are uninsured.

Luckily, there are travel insurance plans in the form of expatriate health insurance that can provide coverage for your medical care during your international stay. These plans can cover your preventative medical care, emergency medical care, medications, pregnancy, and more.

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Learn the Language

If you are staying in a country that has a different standard language than your own, it may be a good idea to begin learning the language ahead of your scheduled move.

While learning a language can take time, getting familiar with everyday phrases and words that can help you get around your new city can be extremely helpful.

Research Laws and Customs

One crucial thing to do prior to your stay in your new country is to research local laws and customs. Understanding laws can help you avoid unintentional trouble and getting acquainted with the local customs can help you better adapt to your new environment.

Build a Support Network

Building a support network can be very helpful for expats, especially if they are planning on living abroad alone. Discover other expats living in the same area of your new country or try to make local friends that can help you navigate your surroundings.

Remain Organized

Remaining organized with your important documents and administrative items will ensure that your stay abroad is smooth and legal. Keep track of all of your important documents such as passport, visa, and residency permits, and don’t forget to check off other key admin tasks like setting up a bank account, paying your bills on time, and getting any necessary permits you may need as an expat.

Live and Work Abroad Protected

If you are planning your journey to live or work in another country, be sure to consider expatriate health insurance to remain covered for your medical needs. 

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