Tokio Marine HCC is one of our core providers of travel and trip insurance products. If you have an existing plan from HCC or are looking to purchase one, you may have questions about what is covered by this company when it comes to the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic. We have some answers about HCC’s COVID-19 coverage for your convenience.

COVID-19 is excluded from HCC travel insurance plans purchased on or after March 28, 2020.

For Policies purchased before 3/28/2020 if you are an Atlas Travel, Atlas Premium, Atlas MultiTrip, or Atlas Group policyholder, the COVID-19 activates your political evacuation benefit as long as your location has not been under a level 3 or higher advisory in the past 10 days (starting 3/27/2020), or prior to your arrival before that.

HCC StudentSecure plans purchased on or after May 15, 2020, likely have coverage for COVID-19.

Please review policy documents for complete details.