Visitors Insurance Policy Extension: FAQs

Depending on which visitors health insurance policy you've purchased, you may be able to extend the policy before it expires. It's important to pay attention to the travel medical insurance policy extension details written in your policy.

Q. What's the difference between buying a new policy after your original one expires and extending before it expires?

One of the advantages of extending the policy is, that if you have to make a claim during the original terms of the policy, the medical condition you had to make a claim for can't be considered pre-existing. Whereas if a medical condition occurs on your original policy and you let it expire without extending, that medical condition would be regarded by your insurance company as a pre-existing condition and would not necessarily cover it.

Q. Why extend Travel Medical Insurance Policy?

In the event that you don't have a confirmed return date, or that you decide to extend your stay for any reason, it's a good move to have a travel insurance policy that's extendable. Most of the policies VisitorsCoverage offers are extendable. Here are some of the major benefits of an extendable policy:.

  • It's usually a fast and simple process that can be completed online
  • Travel insurance extension doesn't mean that you have a new policy. It is simply a continuation of your existing policy. All terms and conditions remain same Only the expiration date is changed.
  • Extension Fee : When you extend your policy, there is usually a extension fee of $5 per policy.

Q. Can the insurance company increase the premium if I extend after a claim is already made?

No, premiums can't increase if a person has a claim at the time of extension. The rates are based on age, coverage limits chosen and duration. There may be an extension admin fee applicable for each extension but that's usually only about $5.

Q. What about the policy maximum? Does it stay the same?

The policy maximum remains as the original policy states.

Q. How long does the travel insurance extension process take?

If your policy can be extended, you can extend it right on a href="/">VisitorsCoverage. It's quick and easy.

Q. Can I pay to extend my coverage using a different credit card than the one I used originally to buy the policy?

Yes. You can extend the travel insurance policy by using a different credit card other than the one used to buy the policy, originally.

Q. When can I extend the policy?

The policy must be extended before the policy expires. Once the policy expires it can't be extended.
Remember, most insurance policies follow the US Eastern Time Zone (EST time). So, your policy effective and expiration dates and times are based on EST time. Usually, you receive an email notification before the policy expires reminding you to extend the policy.

Q. I have both my parents on the same policy and I want to selectively extend it only for my mother. Can I do that?

No, unfortunately the policy can't be extended selectively. But if there's a chance that one of your parents may want to stay longer than the other, you can always get one policy for each of them.

It's recommended that you fill out separate applications and acquire separate policies for each person when buying it the first time.Read more: Why buy a separate policy for your spouse?

Q. Can I change policy deducible or policy maximum at the time of renewal?

Extensions allow the policy to continue as is, without any changes to coverage or benefits.

Q. My policy is already expired, can I still renew it?

Unfortunately, once a travel insurance policy is expired, you won't be able to extend it. But you can easily purchase a new policy at VisitorsCoverage.