Travel Insurance While Pregnant (What You Need To Know)

Travel Insurance While Pregnant (What You Need To Know)

It's one of the most common questions we get: 'Does travel insurance cover pregnancy and related expenses for U.S. visitors?' Unfortunately, it's rare that short-term visitors medical insurance plans provide coverage for pregnancy and childbirth while traveling abroad. However, just because pregnancy isn't covered doesn't mean you should forego travel insurance. Purchasing travel medical insurance is still a great way to protect yourself against the unexpected.

Avoid International Travel During Pregnancy if Possible

Pregnant women might need to travel for both business and personal reasons. However, unless it's absolutely necessary, it's best to avoid traveling during pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered a medically high-risk period.

You may face minor issues like morning sickness or more serious complications, like preterm birth at home. However, dealing with these concerns in an unfamiliar country will be much more stressful.

Pregnancy and Visitors Medical Insurance

Since pregnancy is viewed as a medically high-risk period, insurance companies don't usually cover it for short-term customers. Typically, international health insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for unforeseen illness, injuries and accidents while traveling. Most travel medical insurance plans do not cover maternity, pregnancy, or childbirth.

And the few plans that do provide some coverage, like Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Atlas America or Atlas International, often impose many restrictions. Travel medical insurance plans generally do not cover maternity, pregnancy, or childbirth. Atlas America: may cover complications due to pregnancy up until the first 26 weeks of gestation. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive: may cover up to $1,000 for emergency medical treatment due to pregnancy. Please review the plan brochure for limits and exclusions.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

If you can't avoid foreign travel during pregnancy, be sure you know your coverage limitations. Expect to pay significant fees for medical issues related to pregnancy. It's important to be both emotionally and financially prepared to deal with any unforeseen pregnancy complications while traveling abroad.

If you're visiting a country like the U.S. where healthcare can be extremely expensive, facing high medical bills could be very stressful. One solution is to look into local charitable hospitals or federal programs. You might be eligible for some of their benefits.

Responsibility of the Sponsor

If you sponsor a pregnant woman in the U.S. but don't have the financial means to pay emergency medical costs, you may be legally responsible for any expenses related to the pregnancy. For your financial health and the wellbeing of the expectant mother, make sure you can shoulder any potential financial burden.

Buying Visitors Insurance for Other Emergencies

Here's another question related to travel insurance and pregnancy: 'Can pregnant women get travel insurance coverage for issues unrelated to pregnancy?'

While travel medical insurance rarely covers pregnancy, pregnant women can get coverage for illness or injuries unrelated to pregnancy.

Compare, get quotes and purchase a comprehensive visitors insurance plan that could provide coverage for unforeseen sickness and injury, unrelated to pregnancy or any other pre-existing condition.

For more information about traveling while pregnant check out our infographic, Travel Tips for Expectant Mothers.

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